Bee's Knees Wellness CBD Intimacy Oil

Bee's Knees Wellness CBD Intimacy Oil


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Ready for a new sensation? The Bee’s Knees Wellness Intimacy Oil is formulated with 200 mg of organic Broad Spectrum hemp-derived oil, Damiana, a known aphrodisiac, and a blend of coconut oils to provide a more pleasurable experience  during intimacy.  

This all natural product is free of essential oils, flavorings, dyes, petroleum, glycerin, and preservatives, and is intended to be safe and suitable for those with sensitivities or allergies.  

Here are several potential benefits for intimate experiences using the Bee's Knees Wellness Intimacy Oil:

  1. Enhanced Glide: The oil is designed to provide more glide during intimacy, which can make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable.  Use it as a lubricant (lube) and for an overall improved experience.

  1. Potential Libido Enhancement: Damiana, a known aphrodisiac, is one of the ingredients in the product. While individual responses can vary, some people may find that aphrodisiacs like Damiana can enhance libido and desire.

  2. Improved Blood Flow: Increased blood flow can potentially lead to improved pleasure during intimacy, as it can increase sensitivity and arousal.

  3. Moisturizing and Hydrating: The naturally moisturizing and hydrating ingredients in the product can help prevent dryness, which can be a common issue during intimate moments. This can be especially beneficial in preventing discomfort, micro-tears, and swelling associated with dryness.

  4. Vegan-Friendly: The product being vegan is a plus for those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle or prefer products that do not contain animal-derived ingredients.

Apply to intimate areas 10 to 15 minutes before foreplay, and as often as needed for more glide.

Contains coconut. Test product on a small area prior to use. Stop use if allergic reaction occurs, and do not use with Latex Condoms. Consult a physician if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant prior to use.

Organic Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (MCT) Oil*, Turnera diffusa (Damiana) Leaf, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Organic Cannabidiol (Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD)