Bee's Knees Wellness Organic CBG Energy Spritz

Bee's Knees Wellness Organic CBG Energy Spritz


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Hello Energy! The Bee’s Knees Wellness Organic CBG Energy Tincture Spray features the perfect amount of CBG to ease stress, promote productivity, uplift your mood, and increase focus.  Plus, it's THC-free, discreet, and easy-to-use, making it simple to take with you anywhere you go. 

  • Made with certified Organic CBG Oil, Ashwagandha, Ginseng and Natural Orange
  • Helps boost energy, focus, and feelings of motivation
  • Provides relaxation and relief from physical discomfort
  • Calms feelings of stress
  • Perfect before the the gym or during that afternoon slump
  • Delicious, natural organic orange flavor
  • It’s discreet and mess-free, and has no THC. Carry it into your purse, pocket, nightstand drawer, glove box, or wherever you think you need a little spritz

 1000 mg strength Organic CBG; approximately 6 mgs per spray and 150 sprays per 10 ml bottle

vegan, organic

CBG + Ashwagandha + Ginseng + Natural Orange flavor